David A. Anderson, PhD

Audio/Sound/Hearing Research

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Audio / Sound / Hearing Research

I’m starting as a tenure-track Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineering at the University of Minnesota Duluth in Fall of 2022!

Check out my panel at SXSW 2022 on hearing protection and musicians!

My work lies at the confluence of audio, hearing science, music, and electronics research. I develop technologies that allow us to experience sound in new ways – whether through a guitar effect, a revolutionary kind of loudspeaker, an immersive speaker array, or a hearing protection device.

I received my PhD in Electrical Engineering in 2017 from the University of Rochester under Prof. Mark Bocko with the thesis Driver Array-Based Flat-Panel Loudspeakers: Theoretical Background and Design Guidelines. I’ve worked previously as an Assistant Teaching Professor at the University of Rochester, University of Pittsburgh, and University of Colorado Denver, and as a Senior Scientist at Applied Research Associates, Inc. 

I’m pursuing research concerning the use of flat-panel loudspeakers as haptic and voice-controlled interfaces, hearing protection evaluation/ optimization (with regards to speech intelligibility and preservation of musical dynamics), flat-panel loudspeaker-based holographic sound art installations, and guitar effect pedal design/education. I’m also recently exploring the use of TinyML in acoustics and haptics applications.